Ethernet Controller - License

Ethernet Controller Licence Upgrades

Our Ethernet controller comes with a licence which allows a limited number of 2801, 8806, 2811 or 2812 LED Pixels to be connected. You can upgrade your license at any time to allow you to connect additional Pixels to your Ethernet controller.

  • Allows you to hook up thousands of lights to a single controller
  • Multiple copies of the same license are culminative. For example, two 100 Pixel Licenses will allow you to have 200 lights on your controller and so on.
  • If you have mutiple ethernet controllers the total number of total licenced pixels can be shared between your controllers. (Controllers must be registered to the same Person/Addess)
Ethernet Controller License - 100 Pixels £5.00
Ethernet Controller License - 1000 Pixels £50.00
Ethernet Controller License - 3000 Pixels £100.00
Ethernet Controller License - 7200 Pixels £150.00

Please enter your serial number that was supplied with the controller

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If you are purchasing lights from us we can often upgrade your licence free of charge. Contact us for details.