SL-4000 Pixel Controller

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**New for 2020 *** Our new SL-4000E Pixel controller allows easy control of pixels either from the MicroSD card or directly from the Syncrolight Software Package. The controller is capable of controlling up to 4000 Pixels for continuous control at around 24Hz. (using 4 outputs of 1000 pixels). The controller can support up to 12000 Pixels but the refresh rate will be lower, depending upon pixel type used. This controller has 4 Pixel output ports (2 External and 2 Internal). For 3 wire pixels (like 2811/2812 that have a single data cable) the clock output can be used as additional outputs, giving you 8 individually controllable outputs. Unconfigured outputs also function as a signal splitter, mirroring another output. This allow you to connect up to 8 outputs and have all pixels strings function the same. For example, configure 1 output of 1000 pixels with a 1000 pixels licence, and outputs 2 to 8 will mirror output 1. The number of pixels supported on the supplied controller is limited by a pixel license. The controller is supplied with the licence installed, additional licences can be purchased at a later date should you wish to use more pixels. Pixel licences can be transferred and shared across any of our Pixel controllers. Pixel licences are issued FREE if pixels are purchased from us.


  • Ethernet Port
  • 2 External Pixel Ouputs
  • Additional 2 Internal Pixel Output ports
  • Support for 2811,2812, 8806 and 2801 Pixels
  • Upto 8 outputs for 3 wire Pixels (2811/2812)
  • MicroSD card slot (SDCard not supplied)
  • Supports upto 12,000 pixels
  • Can be used Standalone, with Syncrolight Software Package, or Syncrolight Ethernet Show Players
  • Can be used to control other Syncrolight Ethernet based Controllers


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