Make your own Singing Pumpkin

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We have put together a great value pack to help you quickly build a singing Halloween face. The pack contains all the main elements that you will need, including Lights, Power Supply and DC Controller. The pack contains a choice of 4 dfferent face styles. Simple select the style you want and scale to the size of your board. Full instructions included. LEDs are weatherproof but Controller and power supply must be located inside or in a weatherproof enclosure (not included). Additional items required to build the face : - Suitable board to make the face (Plywood / Correx / Foamex etc) - Electric Drill - 11.5mm or 12mm Drill bit - 2 core cable (for connecting LEDs to controller) - Terminal blocks for connecting cables (or Soldering Iron and Heatshrink) Additional Items required to run the face: - Windows Computer (Windows 7,8 or 10) - Syncrolight Software (Free version will run upto 2 face) - USB- RS485 Interface cable (To connect the controller to PC)


  • Choice of 4 different face styles included.
  • Includes 2 Sequences


  • 500 LEDs
  • 8 Channel DC Controller (DC08A)


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