TM1803 Rainbow Ball Lights (Set of 20)

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Set of 20 Colour Changing Ball Lights. Available with and without controller. Suitable for use with our SD card Controller or Ethernet Pixel Controller. Our easy-to-use LED Editor software (included with SD card controller) enables you to create your own colour effects (chasing, fading, flashing, color changing etc). Simply save your programmed sequence onto the SD CARD and insert into the Light Controller. With the SD Card controller these lights can be used Standalone or on a RS485 SyncroLight network (along with other SyncroLight controllers) as part of a computer controlled musical light display. Ideal for: Christmas, Halloween, Weddings, Parties, Disco, Garden etc.


  • Each Ball contains 3 RGB LED's
  • Balls are 5cm in diameter
  • Colour of each ball individually controllable
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use (power supply and controller must be located indoors or suitable weatherproof enclosure)


  • String of 20 Ball lights
  • Software on CD allowing you to create your own magical colour effects (optional)
  • SD Card Controller (Optional)
  • SD card Containing several sequences (Optional)
  • 12V Power Supply with UK Plug (Optional)



Product Id:RGB-BALL
Power Requirements:12V DC
Total Length:12m
Cable Length fron plug to first ball:2m
Spacing between Ball Lights:50cm
Approx Weight (KG):1.400

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