SD Card Controller with Pixels and Power Supply

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*** Special Offer : SD Card Controller with 2801 Pixels(set 50) and Power Supply ** *** Last few remaining *** SD Card Controller for LED Pixel lights and addressable LED strips. Controller displays colour efects and patterns on 8806, WS2801, 2811, 2812 and 1803 Led strips and pixels. Complete with software for creation of custom effects. Complete with SD card containing predefined sequences. Controller can be used stand alone or be used as part of a computer controlled light display to music.


  • Light Sequences can run directly from the SD card.
  • Additional Sequences can be created with our SyncroLight Show Designer software OR our Free LED Editor software.
  • Includes SD Card pre-loaded with several sequences and a configuration utility.
  • Can also be controlled from a PC using our SyncroLight Software package (USB-RS485 interface cable required - Available Seperately).
  • Controller supports LED lights with 8806, 1803, 2801, 2811 and 2812 chipsets.
  • Multiple SD Card play modes (repeat single sequence, play all sequences and play selected sequences).
  • Can also be used to control other SyncroLight Controllers.
  • Multiple output support - 4 separate output ports are available for the connection and control of up to 1020 led’s/pixels.
  • CE and ROHS Certified.
  • The controller has four operating modes.
  • Stand-alone Mode (default) - Plays sequences stored on SD Card. Ideal for stand-alone use.
  • Slave Mode - Runs on a SyncroLight 485 network along with other SyncroLight controllers. Lights are controlled from a PC running the SyncroLight Software or another controller acting as a network master.
  • Network Master Mode- Plays sequences from the SD card and also sends messages over the SyncroLight 485 network to control lights connected to other controllers.
  • Auto Detect Mode- If a network master or PC running SyncroLight Software is detected on the 485 network, the controller operates as a slave, being controlled from the network master or PC. If no network master or PC is detected, the controller runs sequences from the SD card.
  • Designed in the UK by Synchronised Lighting.
  • We own the software and firmware for this product and can fully support this product and our customers.


  • SD Card Controller.
  • SD Card with preloaded sequences and configuration software.
  • CD Containing SyncroLight LED Editor for creating custom effects
  • User Manual.
  • Power Supply
  • Set of 2801 Pixels (Set of 50)



Product Id:SD-CARD
Voltage:7-24v DC
Supported Pixels:WS2801, 8806, 2811, 2812, 1803
External Outputs:1
Internal Outputs:3 (Internal outputs for 8806 only)
SD Card Slots:1
Computer Ports:1 x RS485 (SyncroLight)
Pixel Outputs:Voltage, Ground, Data, Clock
Voltage Input:2.5mm DC Socket or Terminal Connector
Push Buttons:1(Front)
Dimensions:150mm x 64mm x 35mm
Approx Weight (KG):0.100

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