Software -Show Designer

Software to Create Light Shows

Our Easy-To-Use Show Designer allows you to Design and Sequence light shows to musical tracks of your choice.

  • Ribbon-style menus allow quick and easy access to all the software features.
  • Sample shows to get you started.
  • Direct access to our Show Builder, for the optional purchase of ready to go shows.
  • Grouping of lights for easy Light Show Programming.
  • Comprehensive User Guilde.
  • UK Based Phone and Email Support.

SyncroLight - Light Show Designer

The Show Designer's comprehensive Configuration Editor allows you to browse through your Light and Network and edit your configuration as required.

SyncroLight - Light Show Designer Config

The Show Designer includes a Visualisation Screen so you can get an idea of how your display will look.

SyncroLight - Light Show Visualisation

The Show Designer includes built in support for a wide range of common light show components :

  • Light strings.
  • Pixels.
  • Floodlights.
  • Mega Trees.
  • Arches and Leaping Arches.
  • Pixel Shapes - Mapped with our WebCam Mapping tool.
  • Pixel Grids.
  • Talking Faces.
  • Pumpkins.
  • Projector Support.

With a range of effects that can be created at a click of a button, including :

  • Talking and Blinking faces via the Lip Sync tool.
  • Chasing and Fading Effects.
  • Sweep Effects across your whole display.
  • Text on Pixel Trees and Pixel Grids.
  • Multi Colour Effects and Patterns on Pixels and Addressable LED strips.
  • Importing of Video and Shockwave flash files.
  • Rotating Images.
  • Graphic Equaliser Effect.
  • Pin Wheel Effect.
  • Snowing Effect.
  • And many more...

SyncroLight - Light Show Effects