Software -Show Player

Software to Play your created Shows

The Show Player is part of the SyncroLight software package. The show player allows to to determine how and when your shows are played.

Once you have created a shows, or series of shows, you simply add them to the show player. You can enable/disable the playing of shows manually or you can set up a schedule to determine what days and hours your shows will run. Shows can either be run continually or play at specified intervals

Interactive Shows

Version 2 also allows 'Interactive Shows' brand new exciting feature which allows shows to be started on demand from either our new 'Show Selector' module or by downloading our new 'Android App'.

With the show selector, once you have setup your shows you use the download feature to download the show titles to the Show Selector. The Show Selector unit works seemlesly with the Show Player allowing you full control from the software.

With the free 'Basic' edition of the software, the show player runs in demo mode and runs for 2 hours only. After that time the software must be restarted. For uninterupted use the "Standard" or "Professional" version will need to be purchased. The Interactive feature is only available in the "Professional" edition.

SyncroLight - Show Player